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About Darjeeling Gardens Pvt. Ltd.

Darjeeling Gardens Private Limited was established in 2008. To produce the quality planting material is the standard upheld at Darjeeling Gardens.  We specialized in growing different types of orchids from Cymbidium Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Cattleya Vanda and other exotic species such as 0ncidium Epidendrum and others. All the orchids are not created equal with same genes so our team knows the importance to choose the right seedlings to fit each environment and climate to grow quality plants and thus our love and care about orchids prepare every year a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. The success of the business as result of the hard work, experience and wise management leads us to open new markets in different locations of the Country.

Darjeeling Gardens now is one of the India's largest Cymbidium and Dendrobium grower and takes pride in growing the finest quality of the two varieties with huge commercial demand in both domestic as well as global market. We have business partnerships in Taiwan, Thailand, New Zealand Australia and Netherland who not only produces but are the breeder of the finest orchids in the world to make sure we import the best products from each of them.

As part of its theme 'We Grow with Growers·, the Company is actively engaged in promoting commercial cultivation of orchids in the region by supporting interested growers in setting up small projects under government sponsored schemes or under self-driven project through supply of quality planting materials, infrastructure setup support, know how exchange and backend marketing support. The Company strives to engage itself in opportunities to promote its region as an orchid growing hub and bring means of sustainable livelihood for the growers.

What We Do

Darjeeling Gardens Pvt. Ltd.Polyhouse Construction
We construct high quality Poly houses with galvanized steel as well as low cost bamboo poly houses. The team strives to ensure the poly houses meet the necessary technical parameters to optimize the cultivation practices for the target crop.

Darjeeling Gardens Pvt. Ltd.Agronomics Supply
We supply quality planting materials of popular varieties available for a commercial market and Managerial operations of the Cymbidium Dendrobium Phalaenopsis and other tropical and temperate orchid projects. We aim for quality and uniform products for our growers & channel partners.

Darjeeling Gardens Pvt. Ltd.Turnkey ProjectsWe have experience in successfully executing a couple of turnkey projects especially govt. sponsored projects for the setup of small and mid-size Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis projects for growers in the region as part of an initiative for integrated development of horticulture sector of the region. From growing methods, cultivation tips, to maintaining Cut flower & Pot plants at home, we have all the info you need..


3rd Floor, Janpath House,
Seth Srilal Market, Sevoke More,
Siliguri-734001, West Bengal, India

Phone : +91 9733312397, +91 9733312380
Email : info@darjeelinggardens.com
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